Machining services


Since Tecmaq was founded, has been a trusted provider of extraordinary CNC milling and turning.

We have constructed a reputation on supplying our customers on time and quality. Our new customers have been satisfied when they trust us their principal products of milling and turning.

Our aim is to provide CNC milling services with a level of quality and precision that customers stay in Tecmaq and keep for years to come as our main supplier of CNC Machining.

We provide horizontal and vertical CNC Milling up to 1,500 rpm and 4 & 5 Axis capacity with 25 CNC Machine Centers besides our knowledge and industry experience.


Across our whole experience as a provider of CNC Turning and machining, we have been built a working relationships with customers and providers for long time, we have worked to maintain satisfaction of our customers and quality for their products for every proyect.

We are pleased on delivering perfect and competitively priced CNC Turning for all production requeriments, we ensure that every customer will receive always the best quality and service all time, as the first day.

CNC Turning at Tecmaq features turning capabilities up to 22" diameter capacity and up to 12" lenght capacity, one of our lathes have milling capability. Having provided precision CNC turning for customers varying from construction industry to the oil & gas and aerospace industries, every custumer can expect quality and competitive pricing.

Subcontracted special process

Coatings (phosphating, chem film, anodizing, painting, dry film, qpq, flash chroming, shot penning), heat treatment, hardness testing and ndt (mpi, fpi, xray, ut). All according to customer or oil industry specifications.